Philosophers Punks: Deep thinkers in NFTs Community 🧠

Philosophers Punks:

Discover the most influential thinkers and philosophers in Human History in 8bit. 🧠 When you acquire a Philosopher Punk or any other Special Edition from our collection you get exclusive acess to all channels for Collectors on our Discord. If for any reason you sold your Philosopher, dont worry, you dont lose the access. Philosopher one time, Philosopher forever.

“Deep thinkers in NFTs 🧠”:

The main objective of this Community is to promote serious discussion about Philosophy, History, Blockchain, NFTs and Web3 without intolerance, rascism or character limits.

For us the most important thing right now is to receive new collectors / enthusiastics and guarantee that we have enough people to discuss our next steps in a early future.

We have some goals and plans to share with the Community but more then share we want your participation. We’re preparing some resources to share but we think its better to communicate when things are finished.

30 Day Review Philosophers Punks

Our Discord only have 2 weeks of existence and without spamming Discord Link we have more than 60 active users. We are very proud about that but we need to upgrade our roadmap to something more clarifying.

250 Philosophers Punks will be created.

You can discover our roadmap and next steps by joining our Discord.

Disclaimer: This collection is a tribute to Philosophers & CryptoPunks and is not affiliated with Larva Labs or Philosophers / Political figures. They are only portrayals. The ideals and actions of the historical figures represented in this collection do not represent the personal thoughts of the creators.

Stay tuned and get your favourite at 0.03Ξ 🚀

Thanks for your time and support!



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Philosophers Punks

Philosophers Punks

The most influential Thinkers & Philosophers in Human History. 🧠